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Great advances have occurred in understanding the processes of rapid learning and increased knowledge retention. New information is processed and stored in three major ways - VISUAL, AUDITORY and KINESTHETIC (feeling). CONCEPT, STRUCTURE and USE are the ways people understand new knowledge and skills. Retention is greatly enhanced by immediately using the new skills. Our training uses all these learning technologies to accomplish SPEED in learning and QUALITY in retention.

Fred Alsup


After learning RAPID REQUIREMENTS (sm) you can:

  • Rapidly determine all of your customer's requirements
  • Use a common language with your customers
  • Understand the reasons behind all of your customer's needs
  • Determine precise, objective criteria for acceptance and success
  • Know the right questions to ask
  • Turn what customers say into what they really want and need

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After learning RAPID RESPONSE you can:

  • Translate your language in a way that your customers understand
  • Determine what you can really accomplish
  • Determine how long it will really take
  • Explain technical difficulties to your customer in a way they can understand
  • Resolve technical problems with a simple step by step process
  • Determine where and how you can shorten the schedule for completion

Click here to see a class outline.

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