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Consulting Services

Not understanding what customers want and taking a long time in the effort are common experiences... that do not have to exist.

Have you ever felt?

  • Your customers didn't know what they wanted
  • If only you knew the right questions you could find out what they wanted
  • You didn't understand your customer's language
  • Your customer didn't understand your language
  • You and your customer speak different languages

Have you ever?

  • Repeatedly met with your customers and not gotten all their requirements
  • Gotten all your customer's requirements, but still didn't completely understand
  • Been unable to get your customers' acceptance criteria and your success criteria
  • Given your customers what they said they wanted, but it turned out not to be what they wanted
  • Had a strained relationship with a customer because of misunderstanding each other
  • Lost a customer because of misunderstanding each other


Businesses eager to improve their service, products, productivity, cycle time, market share, profits and return on investment are turning to quality management tools, accelerated business processes and communication skills for help. I want to provide that help. Working together, we will determine your unique needs. Through consultation and practical training focused on your real life business situation, we will create low cost, high quality solutions. I look forward to the opportunity to provide you with the skills and services that will lead to your successful solution.

Fred Alsup

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