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About Fred Alsup

  • Fred Alsup received his B.A. in Classics (1972) and his B.A. in Computer Science (1981) from the University of Texas at Austin. He is a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), an advanced human communication technology.
  • Mr. Alsup is a total quality, statistical process control and human communication technology expert with over ten years' professional experience and twenty-five years' experience in training and course development. Prior to establishing his training and consulting business, he was employed at Texas Instruments (TI) for ten years and was the total quality manager for one of the divisions of TI.
  • Mr. Alsup is an expert in facilitation. He has facilitated important decision-making meetings, including meetings of board of directors, management quality steering teams and strategic planning sessions. He has also facilitated customer/supplier partnering sessions and conflict resolution sessions.
  • Mr. Alsup has researched and developed accelerated business processes. The areas of his development include, among others, customer requirements gathering, feasibility analysis, task list development and scheduling, and developing, conducting and analyzing surveys. He has provided facilitation services and training in all of these areas.
  • Mr. Alsup has conducted leadership coaching sessions for managers and senior managers. He has performed assessment of leadership training needs and has created and conducted leadership development work sessions.
  • Mr. Alsup has developed plans for all areas of total quality including quality planning and development, the continuous improvement process, and customer survey leading to improved customer satisfaction. He has developed and instructed total quality overview classes as well as workshops tailored for special needs of work groups.
  • Mr. Alsup is an expert in Statistical Process Control and an expert in the facilitation of critical process measures determination and the development and implementation of plans to improve critical measures. He has extensive experience consulting with organizations involved in design, development and implementation of statistical process control systems and training at all levels. He has made presentations on quality both in the U.S. and Europe and is the co-author of Practical Statistical Process Control: A Tool for Quality Manufacturing,Van Nostrand Reinhold Publishers, 1993.